Beth Garriot

Hi, I’m Beth

My journey to meaningful work in a healing field comes from many beautiful places. I deeply appreciate having close family members who modeled a lifelong commitment and love for helping and healing of the individual, the community and society. My parents’ work for social justice, spiritual connection and self-healing was an inspiration for me at a young age and an aspiration as I grew up. 

I happily settled into a career in international development just after college, which exposed me to a multitude of cultures, countries and opportunities to make a positive impact in the world. This work was an opportunity to live out my values of Curiosity, Exploration, Deep Connection and Being of Service, and…. 

My career discernment process happened to coincide with the Covid-19 crisis, which has honestly opened me up even more to new possibilities for work. As a feeler and an empath, I was deeply affected by the collective suffering of the world. But also as an optimist and a spiritual being, I continuously felt hope for our collective and individual healing from that period of crisis. I wanted to be an active part of that collective and hopeful transformation and this carried forward as I moved into being a change agent to help bring about not just “surviving” but “thriving” out of crisis…


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Beth Garriot