Coaching Sessions

In this highly virtual time in our history, I meet clients where they are. I offer virtual individual coaching sessions using Zoom and in-person sessions around my home area of Charlottesville, Virginia. A typical coaching relationship will continue for approximately 10-15 sessions, with each session lasting between 45-60 minutes. The first coaching session focuses on establishing the connection and creating a personal vision, while subsequent coaching sessions address wellness goals that bridge up to that vision.

Coaching with Beth also offers occasional group coaching series, with approximately 4-6 sessions per series. Group coaching can provide an extra sense of community and connection in this time in the world and in this time in our lives when we may feel lonely or disconnected. Gathering as a group to discuss challenges and goals can be an antidote to the aloneness that many people are feeling.

My coaching services provide a space where people can explore their current state of self-awareness, regulation and efficacy. Through inquiry, I walk clients through wellness challenges, exploring triggers, blockages, living out values, and tapping into strengths. I foster the idea that self-reflection is not an add-on activity to people’s already busy lives, but it is a way to nourish with intentional actions that restore inner balance.